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Reciprocal  Links

Link popularity is considered to  be one of the key factors to achieving a high ranking in search engine  results. The theory goes like this: the more websites that point to you,  the more 'important' your site must  be. Keep in mind, reciprocal  links are more for the search engines than actual traffic to your site;  it does not generate significant traffic  or inquiries.

Instructions &  Information
We have setup the Reciprocal Link Program, a feature that enables you to add your website, description and URL to our links page. You then have up to 3 days to add a reciprocal link of on your website.

    There is no cost to participate in a reciprocal link with

    1. Fill in the following form with information on your website below.
    2. Add a link to on your link page within 3 days.
    3. As soon as we are notified by email with the location of out link we will manually add your link to our site.
    4. We will submit our links page to the major search engines.
    5. We monitor reciprocal links and will remove any link on our page that is not reciprocated.
    6. Because of the automated system, we must be able to find a link to on your link page without going through a form.

    Our system will periodically verify the reciprocal link which requires the following:

    1. The link must be located on one of the pages directly on your site  (not on a third-party site that maintains your reciprocal link program).
    2. The link must be on the main page or accessible from the main page of your site (max 2 clicks away from home page).
    3. Your link page must be static and not dynamically generated (no  '?' in the url).
    4. The link page must be accessible via a hyper link (not through a form).
    5. The link page cannot be on a framed page.

    The reason for  these rules is to ensure that search engine crawlers can find your link page and can find links to other websites. Search  engines do not  traverse dynamic links (those with '?'), cannot make a  form selection  and do not work well with framed pages.

    Your link will appear within a few days under an appropriate category of our
    Links  Page.

Add Your Link

WebSite Title

Example: Joe's Bed & Breakfast


Example: Joe Smith




 Example: (your main  page)



Short description of your site
max. 20 words

Link  Page

Please inform where you have placed or will place our website link on your site





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